I never really thought about accessibility on the Internet. The articles I read thanks to the 5th thing of 23 Things made me realize how low the inclusion is in some areas on the internet. People easily face disadvantages because of the low awareness for handicaps.

I checked two websites that I use regularly and saw hat one of them was very inclusive whereas the second site, to my surprise, contained several elements that might become obstacles for different people. My perspective on this site and others has significantly changed. Now, I see the possible obstacles and have a broader knowledge of why people might feel excluded on the Internet.

I think that there should be more awareness for this issue. Websites should become more accessible for everyone. The Internet has to become more inclusive in the future.

Diversity (Thing 5)

In my opinion, diversity matters on the Internet as much as in real life. It is important that gender and ethnicities are represented. This is why I believe that the introduction of diversified emojis on social media platforms is valid. The implementation might still be improved but the emojis raise awareness for diversity. Now, more people using social media feel represented, valued and  seen.

I also see why some people might see the downside of the diversification. Of course, the emojis can be misused racially. But racism on the Internet existed before. The emojis only increase the public awareness because of their new and popular status. I doubt that they actually cause intended racism.

For those who still feel that the emojis with different skin colours don’t represent ethnicities properly, there is an alternative, the “Bitmojis”. Bitmoji gives you the opportunity to create your own avatar. You can personalize it to look like yourself. I think that this is a good alternative and offers a whole new level of possible representation on the Internet. You can identify yourself with an emoticon and express yourself in a more differentiated way. Bitmoji definitely promotes diversity.


Digital Security

I use my Smartphone on a daily basis. Every morning, I check my Facebook and Instagram profiles and look into Snapchat. I also read some news and write my friends or my family on WhatsApp throughout the day. I try to limit the number of apps that I use because I don’t really need much of what is offered in App Stores.

The 4th Thing on 23 Things made me look into my settings on my Smartphone again. I checked the security settings and the permissions I gave my apps. Fortunately, my Smartphone seems to be quite safe. I have a password to lock it, I installed an Anti Virus programme as soon as I bought it and I secure my data on a regular basis. Furthermore, I don’t give permissions to apps that I think are unnecessary. I don’t want to expose myself too much. I also realized that even though I try not to install to many apps that I don’t need, there are still many that I barely use. Although I am already very aware of Digital Security, I haven’t considered all of its aspects so far. I decided to check my phone more regularly from now on to make sure that my data is as secure as possible.

My Digital Footprint

I am currently reviewing the 23 Things on Digitalization. Reading about thing 3, Digital Footprint, made me wonder how much I am exposed to the Internet myself. I read the document on e-Professionalism and recognized that I have already considered many of these points in my personal use of social media.

I value my privacy and try to keep my personal profiles closed. I don’t want people who I don’t know to be able to read about my personal live which is why I keep all my profiles private and request approval if someone wants to tag me in posts. Searching my name on Google confirmed that there is barely anything to be found about my person on the Internet. I only found my Xing profile.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been very active in maintaining professional social media profiles. I definitely need to update my Xing profile and consider whether i want to become active in other areas professionally. I am still hesitating since I believe that my work life doesn’t exactly belong on the Internet. The company I work for also informed us about the proper conduct of employees on the Internet and I am keeping in mind these points as well.

I will definitely review my Digital Footprint more regularly from now on and reconsider my professional presence on the Internet.